Article 17 - Review/Amendment

Upon a motion by a member who is in good standing at a duly constituted meeting supported by two-thirds of all members present and eligible to vote and voting, an article(s) of this Constitution may be reviewed or amended provided notice of such a motion must have been duly circulated together with the notice of the meeting at least fourteen (14) clear days prior to the meeting.



  1. Notwithstanding anything in this constitution:
    1. There shall be an election for interim officers within thirty (30) days upon the adoption of this constitution
    2. They shall be taken to have been duly elected for the purpose of this constitution
    3. They shall hold office for not more than one year.
  2. The interim executives must be persons who must be KCFC members.
  3. Subject to this constitution:
    1. exercise the functions and powers provided for the EC in the constitution
    2. the interim executives shall in particular; set out dues to be paid, incorporate the association, make every effort to increase membership and open a bank account together with a mobile money account; until the Electoral Commission holds a fresh election within a year.
  4. All persons who immediately before the coming into effect of this constitution are members of the Constitution Committee, shall be deemed not qualified to hold interim positions
  5. An interim electoral commission (INEC) shall be put in place. The members of INEC shall be nominated and voted for using the most appropriate platform.
  6. Subject to this constitution, the INEC shall exercise the functions and powers provided for the Electoral Commission in the constitution.
  7. INEC shall compile a register of voters for election of interim executives and members in good standing who should have paid membership dues (as determined by the interim executive) for one(1) month before the election. The INEC shall account for all dues collected and hand over same to the interim executives
  8. Upon the adoption of this constitution, the interim executives must be informed of the legal consequences of incorporation of the association.
  9. The Interim Executives upon assumption of office may bring by a resolution, such a provision which would help the Interim Executives achieve their stewardship, provided such a measure is in accord with the constitution.