Article 9 - Formation Of Committees

The following Committees shall be established by The Executive

Sponsorship Committee:

  1. This shall comprise the Treasurer and two (2) others appointed by EC and shall be responsible for the mobilization of funds and marketing (branding and packaging) of the club.
  2. Generation of fund raising ideas both externally and internally
  3. Writing and distribution of sponsorship documents in partnership with the PRO.


Welfare Committee:

This shall comprise the Vice President as its Chairman and four other members to be appointed by the EC

  1. The Welfare Committee shall ensure the welfare of members and organize/provide representation at social activities of KCFC
  2. The Welfare Committee shall put together a Welfare Document that will determine welfare benefit packages applicable to all members.
  3. Members or their relations. Eg. marriage, funerals, visit the sick etc.
  4. It shall also perform activities as may be prescribed by a resolution of the EC or General meetings towards the welfare of members such as recreational activities etc which are not inconsistent with this Constitution.


Finance Committee:

  1. The Executive committee shall, at the beginning of each financial year, appoint a two (2) member in-house Finance Committee to ensure checks and balances of the Treasure.  This committee shall hold meetings with the treasurer quarterly to ensure the financial records conform to standards and international practices.
  2. The financial committee shall report to the Executive Committee at the end of every meeting.